Hello, my name is Rob. I’m a Front End Web Developer from Nottingham, UK, currently living in Spain. But I’d rather be in front of the computer than out in the sun.

I enjoy pushing browsers beyond their limits when exploring new methods of data visualisation and interaction. Constraints inspire me to find neat solutions to formidable challenges.

About The Website

I developed the original GameBoar single page website to keep abreast of video game developments and announcements by aggregating news sources in one simple easy to read format. The home page still serves this function, automatically collating gaming news from around the web all day, every day.

The new site design now includes a blog. I will be writing about Front End Web Development, Indie Game Development and other topics that interest me.

The Experiments section will be exploring visualisation and interaction. These source codes will be made available for download from github.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably be most interested in the new HTML5 Games section where you’ll be able to play free games in your browser that I’ve developed. Make sure that you subscribe to the news feed or follow GameBoar on twitter so that you don’t miss the first game announcement.

About The Blog Style

This theme uses features of HTML5 and CSS3. To experience this website’s content in the form that was intended, please use the latest version of your browser software.

If you can read this text you’re probably using an old browser. Please upgrade, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox are both great. Or you may have JavaScript disabled.

During the development of this site, I took the decision that my time would be better spent exploring new technologies rather than supporting older less capable browsers.

If you’re a Web Developer, you already know that supporting older browsers is no fun. If you’re still using an old browser then I sincerely hope you’ll upgrade to the latest version soon, you won’t regret it.

If you want to read more, please take a look at the first blog post.

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