Maintaining a fast, responsive, accessible website is an ongoing process and I am striving to make all content as accessible as possible.

If you are having problems using this website, please contact me.

Access Keys

For the visually or physically challenged, one of the ways of navigating a site is through the use of Access Keys which are supported by most browsers. These are standardized keys that when pressed in combination will move the cursor to the different areas of the page or to predefined web pages.

If you’re using a Windows browser, you can press ALT + an access key; for Mac browsers, you can press CTRL + an access key.

These are the access keys for

Access Key Action
1 Home
2 Skip to content
3 HTML5 Games
4 Blog
5 Experiments
9 Contact
0 Accessibility information (this page)


Screen readers are used by many visually impaired web users. Screen readers are not yet able to understand images. For users with screen readers, all images contain ALT text, which will be read out by the screen reader in place of the image to ensure accessibility.

Text contained within images can often be blurry, pixelated and difficult to read for visually impaired users even when using screen magnifiers. For this reason, important text is not embedded within images, it is displayed using HTML.


Foreground and background colours have been chosen to provide a high degree of contrast so that text remains readable “when viewed by someone having color deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen” [W3C].

Web Standards Compliance

All pages of are written in HTML5 using structured semantic markup and CSS is used for visual layout. Media queries are then employed to shape the content to ensure that it is easily readable on a wide range of devices. JavaScript is added to enhance the user experience.

If your browser doesn’t support stylesheets or if you have JavaScript disabled, the content will still be accessible.

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